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Case «A clever tongue will take you even to Frankfurt»

Leisure interest

There is almost no business left in the world that has not been influenced by digitalization. One German sports club wanted to power level its performance with the help of big data and to release software to address the strategic goals of the game, nutritional programs and athletic training for athletes. The team was looking for international datasetists, the search was narrowed down to the CIS. 

We quickly provided a selection of talented data analysts, mobile developers and engineers. The customer decided to make the flow regular and assigned Intella to hire similar positions. For the organization of "large deliveries" we have allocated a separate recruiter. He completely immersed himself in monitoring the customer's updated vacancies and selection of candidates.

Talent foundry, or a recruiter is not looking for easy ways

Finding interested applicants was easy. Employment involved moving to Frankfurt am Main with a good relocation package, competitive salaries and projects for every taste: from fintech to AI. Problems arose during the processing: almost all candidates had a low level of English. And for the customer, this is a dealbreaker.

There were two obvious ways: to change the search area (which the customer did not want) or the way of selecting candidates. Our recruiter found a different solution, more time-consuming and creative. He began attending customer briefings, studied the customer's company practices, re-prioritized, and built a selection funnel. The processing in this company included several months of interviews and tests before the final interview in English. The recruiter considered that the suitable candidates would just have time to improve their English during this time. The main risk of such a game is that a specialist can leave for another vacancy at any time. To prevent this from happening, the recruiter maintained regular contact with the developers and talked about the company's current projects, stirring up their interest in the employer. As a result, in 3 months after the start, we started sending developers to Germany.

Large supplies of EASTERN EUROPEAN developers to the German sports club

The method proved to be effective, and the method gained traction. The customer realized that a slight increase in the waiting period had a positive effect on the result. Currently we use the knowledge upgrade parallel to processing when working with other customers.

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