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Case «All the emotions of Game Dev»


Our client is an outsourced game development company. Their portfolio has several very popular games that are well-known across the globe. In 2015 the company was working on a new project that required a specialist on facial animation for the characters.

The animator had to be cool: a senior specialist with experience in motion capture and over 5 years' work experience. The russian market had no more than a dozen specialists in this area. Plus, the company needed a team player. No lonesome rock stars, thanks.

We were hunting for a white tiger.


Talented animators tend to show their work online. The biggest platforms for those are ArtStation and Behance, and that was our first stop.

We manually went through more than a hundred people but alas, most of them were more artists than animators, while the others were too weak for the position. We had met our share of convinced freelancers, who liked our clients but loved their freedom.

There was no other choice but to go headhunting. We found all the visual studios that worked with live 3D characters — so all the producers of high-grade shooters, action games, and RPG. Among their staff, we highlighted those responsible for faces and contacted them on social media.

We found seven candidates.

The suitable one was found in a no-name studio in Kyiv. The folks there made low-budget, yet interesting and unusual games. At first, the animator wasn’t so interested in changing location, but we persuaded him to talk to our client. What’s the worst that could happen from just a talk, right? The candidate ended up changing his mind: our client’s project captivated him and offered better prospects.


We found the animation the company needed by methodically going through various platforms and organizations one could possibly be. Interestingly, the right person worked in a very small studio that is so easy to overlook. But patience and diligence get the job done.

Now he’s working in the client’s company, where he has many more opportunities for growth and involvement in bigger projects.

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