4 evaluation profiles

In only one hour, we have to not only sell the position to our candidate but also evaluate whether they are suitable at all. We have four main profiles to pay attention to during the interview.


Throughout the interview, we discuss work experience. We’re focusing on a detailed analysis of the candidate’s team, stack, and level of involvement in each project. Besides, we conduct a basic technical screening. For example, we ask questions about multithreading in Java or about basic algorithms: understanding these is a requirement for some positions.


Before presenting the position, we find out the candidate's needs and wants. What can make them change jobs, what are the factors they pay attention to when looking for a new company, what can make them stay at their current place. In our cover letter, we present the motivation of the candidate in thin detail. This helps a client get an expression of the candidate’s personality and also negotiate with them more effectively in the future.


To see how a candidate will react in certain situations, we ask several case questions. This helps us evaluate whether the candidate is conflicted or not, the level of manageability, an initiative of the interlocutor, responsibility, tendency to subordination, and decision-making principles.


Of course, this is a very important skill, especially in international companies. Throughout the interview, a recruiter will ask several questions in English. All our employees know enough of the language to evaluate the level.

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